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Basically Station 1 and Station 2 are the Main Operating Station. These is projected to be a Multi/One Runner Station. By side I project to do a Multiplier Operating Station in the other angle of the shack.


Station 1 (runner):

Yaesu FTdx 5000 MP

Ameritron AL1500

MFJ Tuner 989C 3KW

5B4AGN Tx Bandpass Filter

PowerMaster II

Hamplus Memory Band Decoder


Digital Interface Yaesu SCU-17

PC i7 processor (rate 5910) and 2x27" LCD


Station 2 (multi):

Yaesu FT 1000D

MFJ Tuner 989C 3KW

Alpha 76A

OM-6BPF Tx Bandpass Filter

LP-2500 Low Pass Filter (4KW)

PowerMaster II


Digital Interface microHam USB III

PC AMD K6 processor (rate 5394) and 2x27" LCD

Spare PA

Emtron DX-2

Station 3 (office station):


Hamplus Memory Band Decoder

PC i7 processor (rate 8257) and 2x24" LCD

Kenwood TM-733


Other Stations:

Yaesu FT-8800

Aor AR3000A Receiver

Bencher Lowpass filter

Diamond SX-600

PC i5 processor (rate 3921) and 19" LCD


Antenna park:


Hamplus AS-84E Antenna Switch + 4 in 1 input selector

8 Out coax remote switch on last Hamplus switch outline

Prosistel PST61D rotator for main mast Fireco 12m on 2nd floor (remote controlled from every station)

Yaesu G-800 rotator on garden v/uhf system

Yaesu G-550 elevator on garden v/uhf system

Yaesu G-450 rotator on rotatable dipoles



Momobeam MB6 10-15-20HD 10m-15m-20m

EAntennas 9 elements 6/4m OWA (mainly 60)

Kelemen inv.V 40m-80m

Kelemen inv.V 40m-80m-160m ssb tuned (installed on main contests)

Dipole HM 60m 1/2 wave

Ground Plane 30m monoband homemade

Ground Plane 17m monoband homemade

Vertical 80m monoband homemade 1/4 wave shortened

EcoAntenne 2 el. 6m (hb9cv) fix Italy 150

Rotatable Dipole 40m Cushcraft

EAntennas 7 elements 50 LFA main mast

Homemade 6 elements 50 south west

Inverted L 160m monoband homemade 1/4 wave (actually down)


Vertical Diamond X200

EAntennas 18 elements 432 LFA south East

EAntennas 11 elements 144 LFA south East

EAntennas 16 elements 144 LFA main mast

Cushcraft 13 elements 144 fix north

Homemade CXZ 21 elements 1296 fix Italy 150

Discone D-130

Mobile dualband antenna


Coax Cables are mostly Messi & Paoloni Ultraflex 10 or SSB Ecoflex 10.

Monitors, 6m to 70cm are on RG213U or H155.



BigIr with 80m coil



Old pictures until MID 2013...



(first version of station at S. Antonino)






Old stations in Sorengo


Station Base Equipment (since 01.10.08 - picture Jan.10) up to 31.12.2010


station 1 + station 3


station 2 + station 4 (old picture, to be updated...)


Eight Pak Remote Controller


Eight Pak Remote Switch





Station 1 Main

(HF 20m+Warc)


Station 2

(HF 15m+80m, 6m, VHF)

Kenwood TS950SDX (sold)

Icom IC-746 (sold)

Kenwood TL922 Power Amplifier 1KW(sold)

AEA LA-30E Power Amplifier 1.2KW(sold)

MFJ 3KW Versa Tuner V(sold)

Amp AT-3000 3KW Tuner(sold)

MFJ 434 Voice Keyer(sold)

not yet

Eight-Pak from Array Solutions(sold)
Ameritron RCS-4 for Beverages

Eight-Pak from Array Solutions for HF(sold)
RatPak from Array Solutions for 6m and Beverages(sold)

LowPass Filter Drake 0-30 MHz on EightPak(sold)

LowPass Filter TP 0-30 MHz on EightPak(sold)
Kenwood SW-200(sold) TEAM SWR-1180R for 6m(sold)
Daiwa CN-101L for HF(sold)
  CG SB2000 Radio Interface for digital modes(sold)

Station 3

(HF 40m, 6m, VHF)

Station 4


Icom IC-706mk2(sold)

Sommerkamp FT-726R(sold)

LDG AT-1000(sold) Alinco Amplifier 30W VHF(sold)
switchable on TS950SDX's Setup Mirage Amplifier 160W VHF(sold)
CG SB2000 Radio Interface for digital modes(sold) Tono Amplifier 60W UHF(sold)
soon Amplifier Mirage Amplifier 100W UHF(sold)
  MFJ Microphone MFJ-299(sold)
  Diamond SX400 for 2m(sold)
TEAM SWR HF2000 for 70cm

Station 5

(HF 10m+160m)

Station 6
(Mobile) and portables

Kenwood TS850SAT

Icom IC-7000 with AT-7000(sold)
soon Amplifier Wouxon KG-UV2D
  Motorola GP-380



Antennas PARK

Yaesu G-800SDX rotor(sold)

Eight-Pak from WX0B Array Solutions (*) (sold)


HF (*)

Cushcraft A4S 10m-15m-20m-40m(sold)

Tagra 3el. beam 10m-15m-20m(sold)

Vertical 40m monoband EcoAntenne - 30ft(sold)

Vertical 80m monoband EcoAntenne - soon Rotatable V-Dipole (60ft wide)(sold)

Dipole 160m inverted V Kelemen - 115ft  at 60ft(sold)

(Dipole 160m inverted V EcoAntenne - 84ft at 60ft) not in use(sold)

(Dipole 10-80m inverted V G5RV - 90ft at 50ft) not in use(sold)

Rotatable Dipole WARC 12-17-30m(sold)


6 Meters (*)

Yagi Homemade 6 elements for 6m

Vertical Diamond 2x 5/8 lamdba monoband 6 meter(sold)



Diamond X300 2m/70cm Vertical(sold)

Comet X300 2m/70cm Vertical(sold)

Cushcraft 25 el. Yagi UHF(sold)



Vertical Maldol HVU-8, just 2.5m high, but works fine 70cm to 80m 

Discone Receiver Antenna 20-1300 MHz


Mobile Station (HF, 6m, VHF, UHF):

Icom IC-7000 with AT-7000(sold)

MFJ Vertical Monoband 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m

Diamond Multiband 40/20/17/15/12/10/6/2/70

Diamond Dualband 2m/70cm(sold)


Pictures (2010 April)





Pictures (2009)



6m + HF Yagi + G5RV



80m vertical + 70cm yagi


6m vertical + VHF/UHF vertical




PCs on (W)LAN:(sold)

PC Contest

Dual Core 2.4 GHz, 1GB RAM, 50GB, Windows 7.0,  19" and 19" interfaced with transceiver via N1MM and Ham Radio Deluxe at Station 1

PC Contest 2 Pentium 4, 2.5 GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB, Windows 7.0, 19" and 19" at Station 2 and 4
PC Contest 3

Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz, 1.5GB RAM, 160GB, Windows Vista, 17" and 17" (another floor at station 3) - Digital Interface

PC Server

Dual Core 2.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 5.3 TB (!!!!), Windows 7.0, 22" and 19" as download from Internet, backup, multimedia library, website main HAM soft: VQLog, Swisslog, N1MM, SDLog, CTLog, Media Center

PC Games Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB, Windows XP
PC Portable for portable contest and activations/dxpeditions Celeron 1.7 GHz


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