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ARRL DX Bulletins

DX News Letter (DL1EK/DL7VOA)

Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster DX Bulletins

Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information

DXCC Information

ARRL Propagation Forecast Bulletins


New: https://www.flightsfrom.com/ Airflights Routes Informations


Bandplan VHF and UP

Bandplan HF


Band Plan Digitale


Italian Repeaters

Italian Beacons




Map WWLocator Europe

Map WWLocator Europe II


Map WWLocator France

Map WWLocator Switzerland

Map WWLocator Netherland


Map Worked All Zone



Formulario EURA.doc

Map and Table of Euro.htm




Territories, Prefixes and Suffixes of the Former USSR
Amateur Radio Callsigns



image FCC Information Pages

Federal Communications Commission

FCC ULS - Universal Licensing System (online filing).

FCC Forms - Downloadable forms.

image Callsign Prefix Pages

International CallSign Prefix Allocations

image Licensing Information and Schools

Gordon West Radio School

Sunnyvale VEC ARC, Inc.

image Magazines (online or otherwise)

CQ - The Radio Amateur's Journal

CQ VHF - Ham Radio Above 50 MHz

Ham Radio OnLine Magazine

North American Shortwave Association

image Time Reference

National Institute of Standards and Time

Time Services Department(US Naval Observatory)

image Other Info Pages

Amateur Radio Information

Amateur Radio Trader

Antennex - Antenna info magazine

Clay Irving's Amateur Radio Reference

Deja News - Rec.Radio.Amateur

Deja News - Rec.Radio

GPS Information Site

Ham Radio Online Magazine

Real Audio R.A.I.N. Dial-Up by Hap Holly KC9RP

Richard Measure's web page (info about amplifiers)

Sea Q Maui - Bed and Breakfast for Hams

Scanning Reference Page

Tiger Mapping Service project of the US Census Bureau

United States Postal Service



NG3K Provided Resources:

  1. Announced DX Operations **UPDATED** Sep15 (Search ADXO) (About ADXO)
  2. Contest Operations, Calendars, and Resources **UPDATED** Sep17
    Check here for contest announced operations tables.
  3. Previous Contest Operations (1996+)
  4. ARRL DX Bulletins **UPDATED** Sep16
  5. DX News Letters (DL1EK) **UPDATED** Sep09 (Search DXNL)
  6. Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster DX Bulletins (KB8NW/OPDX/BARF80) **UPDATED** Sep13
  7. ARRL Propagation Forecast **UPDATED** Sep18
  8. AD5Q Propagation Forecast January 10, 1999 (Final Bulletin)
  9. DXCC Entity Tables + Information **UPDATED** Apr29
  10. Current Callsign Information for the former USSR Republics **UPDATED** Mar09
  11. United States County List **UPDATED** Feb04, 2003
  12. N4KG on SR/SS Enhancement and Grayline Propagation
  13. NG3K Reciprocal Links

Packet Cluster Resources:

  1. Telnet Access to DX Packets Clusters **UPDATED** Sep13
  2. VE9DX DXcluster Sites
  3. Packet Cluster Command Reference
  4. AR-Cluster (version 4.4.1) User Manual (Tnx AB5K)
  5. DXSpider (version v1.50) User Manual (Tnx G0VGS)
  6. DXSpider User Filtering Primer NEW [Sep14]
  7. DX PacketCluster WebNet
    Offers extensive packetcluster information including a Telnet Directory
  8. DX Summit (OH2AQ)
  9. Most recent 25 DX Spots (From the DX Summit)
  10. Spot Database Search
    Provide search capability for the DX Summit spot database; User may search for callsigns as
    "DX Calls" or anywhere else within the spot text.
  11. DXScape (Tnx JA4PXC) WOW
    Web-based DX Cluster with live links to DX Web pages; auto-updates every two minutes; many
    options available
  12. Asia DX Window (Asian cluster via RA0FF)
  13. Japan DX Clusters
  14. IRC #CQDX Chat Channel (Tnx Doug, N6RT)

Call Books & QSL Info

Call Books

  1. Australia (Australian Communications Authority)
  2. Belarus (EW2EO)
  3. Belarus (EU6TV)
  4. Belgium (ON1DJU)
  5. Bulgaria (LZ1KSN)
  6. Bermuda
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina (T93Y)
  8. Canada
  9. Corsica
  10. Czech Republic **UPDATED** July 21, 2004
  11. Egypt (SU1ER)
  12. Estonia (ERAU)
  13. Estonia (ES5AAW)
  14. Finland (SRAL OH2FOO OH2JBB)
  15. Finland (OH1FT, OH7LZB)
  16. France (REF Union)
  17. Gabon (List of Association Gabonaise des Radioamateurs members)
  18. Guernsey (GU3MBS)
  19. Guernsey (GU0SUP)
  20. Indonesia
  21. Ireland (EI7GL)
  22. Italy
  23. Lithuania (Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society)
  24. Luxembourg (LX1NO)
  25. Luxembourg (Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society)
  26. Mongolia (AC6V)
  27. Montenegro (Savez Radio-Amatera Crne Gore)
  28. Netherlands
  29. Norway (NRRL Adobe PDF List)
  30. Poland (Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow)
  31. Romania (YO3KAA)
  32. Slovakia (OM1AVK)
  33. Sri Lanka (RSSL)
  34. Sweden Contest, Special Events & Anniversary, and Special Calls (SM3CER)
  35. Tadjikistan (EY) (Tajik Amateur Radio League)
  36. Turkey (TA3AK)
  37. United States
    1. QRZ CD ROM
    2. WM7D's FCC Callsign Database
  38. Buckmaster's World Wide HamCallTM Server

    WM7D's callsign lookup page

    image US QSL Callbooks

    ARAS Official Canadian Callbook

    ARRL's FCC callbook

    Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server

    The QRZ callsign lookup page

    One-by-One callsign database

    Vanity Call Sign Headquarters

    image DX QSL Callbooks

    LZ - Bulgarian Callbook

    CIS callsign database

    DB0SDX QSL database

    ES callbook (Estonia)

    Finnish Callbook 1997

    Guernsey Amateur Radio Callbook

    Norwegian Callbook

    SM5ARL QSL information

    QSL information by IK4LZH

    YB0EMJ's Indonesian e-Callbook

    YO Callsign Database


QSL Info

  1. QSL Routes from [1997][1998][1999][2000][2001][2002][2003][2004] German DX News Letters
    (via NG3K) **UPDATED** Sep09
  2. ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau System
  3. ARRL Logbook of the World
    A repository of log records submitted by users from around the world; when both participants in a QSO submit matching QSO records to LoTW, the QSO can be used for ARRL award credit
  4. ARRL Outgoing QSL Service
  5. Golist: QSL Manager DataBase (The Golist)
    Updated daily; Golist subscribers have unlimited lookups; non-subscribers are limited to 30 lookups per month; there's also a QSL Manager Route Update or Submission form available.
  6. How to Improve your QSL Returns (ZS6EZ)
  7. IARU QSL Buros (N1FOC)
  8. IK3QAR QSL Manager Lookup
  9. IK4LZH QSL Info System
  10. International QSL Collection Foundation Research and documentation center for the history of radio communications and electronic media
  11. K4UTE Quick QSL Manager Lookup
  12. Pathfinder Web Client (Tnx AA6YQ)
  13. SM5ARL's QSL Address List and QSL Manager List
  14. WF5E QSL Service

Links to DX Tools:

  1. AC6V Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide WOW
    Pre-eminent directory of Amateur Radio on the World Wide Web
  2. Amateur Radio Prefixes WOW
    Detailed information relating to amateur radio callsigns worldwide; includes hard-to-find regional details for many countries; collected and organized by AC6V
  3. CQ DX Zones of the World
  4. DX Holiday
    Directory of QTHs available for DXpeditions and Contests
  5. DXCC Entity Tables + Information
  6. German DX Foundation (GDXF) - Annual most needed DXCC entities list
  7. GMDX Group
    Source of information on the IOSA Isles program
  8. Information on Licensing Abroad for Radio Amateurs by OH2MCN
  9. IOTA Bearing List (By EI8IC)
    Enter your 6-digit grid locater and get a list of short/long path beam bearings + distance to selected IOTA targets
  10. Islands Directory WOW
    The United States Islands Awards Program offers the US Islands: Master List, Abbreviated List, State Directory, and Locations Directory. This is a superlatively organized and presented information resource!
  11. ITU Table of International Call Sign Series (Prefix table)
  12. ITU Zones and Regions
  13. Logs Available Online (A directory of online logs) (Tnx VE9DX)
  14. Most Wanted Countries (DX Magazine)
  15. North Jersey DX Association DX Tips (Tnx NA2M)
    News of DX operations and QSL routes
  16. Operating Permit Information by Country (ARRL)
  17. Short Format List of IOTA Groups and Reference Numbers (RSGB)
  18. U.S. Counties with Maps
    Provided by National Association of Counties, offers extensive and detailed information about US counties; both counties within a state and cities within counties are available.
  19. United States Counties (with a link to a county outline map for each state)
  20. USA Districts (by AC6V)
    State and callsign-district outline map with ITU and CQ zones for each entity.

Links to Propagation Tools:

  1. AD5Q Propagation Bulletins (August 1995-January 1999)
    Although no longer issued, these bulletins contain many insights into seasonal- and sunspot level-related
    propagation variations.
  2. ARRL Propagation Forecast Bulletins (May 1995- )
  3. Earth View
    A near real-time grayline map provided by John Walker, Fourmilab, Switzerland
  4. G3USF's Worldwide List of 50 mHz Beacons
  5. G3USF's Worldwide List of HF Beacons
  6. hf-radio.org propagation; includes the NW7US Propagation Alert
  7. Introduction to HF Radio Propagation
    Australia's IPS Radio & Space Services provides a nicely organized overview of HF radio propagation theory. Images and graphs enhance the presentation.
  8. NCDXF/IARU Beacon Transmission Schedule
  9. Near-Real-Time MUF Map (Solar Terrestrial Dispatch)
    Offers a wealth of propagation prediction information, graphically presented, including: Radio Auroral Zones; MUF contour lines; Grayline. The map is updated every five minutes.
  10. Realtime Propagation Monitor
    By LA7SL, shows important solar, ionospheric, and geomagnetic information useful in calculating and predicting present and near future radio-propagation. "DX Summit" DX spots and propagation bulletins are also provided.
  11. Solar-Geophysical Data (from the Space Environment Center)
  12. Space Environment Center: Radio Users Page (Solar Activity Reports)
  13. Transequatorial Radio Propagation
  14. VOACAP Quick Guide by OH6BG A guide to using VOACAP - a free professional HF prediction program from NTIA/ITS, originally developed for Voice of America (VOA)
  15. WM7D's Solar Resource Page
  16. WORLDTIME Terminator/Gray Line Globe
  17. WWV Propagation Report

DX-related Software

  1. ACE-HF; Professional Propagation Software for HF Radio Operators
  2. BeaconSee
    Alerts to band openings in real time by monitoring the rx audio tuned to the IARU/NCDXF beacon network using a PC's soundcard
  3. DX Telnet
    For the use on the Internet DX Clusters and to allow multiple split screens, back-spacing, voice on DX spots etc.
  4. KawAZ Azimuth Angle Calculation Program for Radio Amateur -- Freeware from Toru, JH0CJH
  5. MultiNEC Combines antenna modeling and propagation predictions and lets you automate and animate both.
  6. Programs to Help NCDXF/IARU Beacon Listeners
  7. WinCAP Wizard 3
    From Kangaroo Tabor Software this program offers high frequency radio communications system analysis and propagation prediction.

Links to Other DX Related Sites:

  1. 425 DX News
  2. DX-LIST (Tnx KH2D)
    An unmoderated E-mail list (reflector) dedicated to DX topics; archives are available to subscribers only
  3. DX Notebook
    This non-profit site, dedicated to the promotion of Amateur Radio DXing, offers a comprehensive collection of news and other items of interest to the DX community
  4. DX Publishing, Inc
    Publisher of The QRZ DX Weekly Newsletter and The DX Magazine
  5. La Gazette du DX
    Weekly bulletin of DX information, published in French by the Clipperton DX Club and Les nouvelles DX
  6. German DX Foundation (GDXF)
    Including a list of GDXF-supported DXpeditions
  7. ICPO Mailing List
    An umoderated mailing list for announcements of island, castle, and portable operations. Associated Web pages also provide a list of current and archived announcements.
  8. IOTA Contest Reflector
    A mailing list dedicated to discussion of topics related to the IOTA (Islands on the Air) Contests; you may subscribe; registered members may visit the List home page
  9. IOTA Manager's Website (G3KMA)
  10. Islands on the Air Program (IOTA) (RSGB)
  11. KA9FOX Web Pages
  12. NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network
  13. NJDXA DX Chat Reflector [Archive]
    For the casual discussion of DX related matters only; intended to be a supplement to the DX-NEWS reflector where postings are limited to DX related news
  14. NJDXA DX Reflector [Archive]
    A quality electronic mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Amateur Radio DXing (tips and techniques, hardware, awards, DX related software, upcoming DXpeditions, etc)
  15. The Daily DX

Other Miscellaneous Resources

  1. Search US/Canada AM & FM broadcast stations
    Search by callsign, frequency, or location
  2. Broadcast Archive
    Extensive compilation of historical data on the pioneer radio stations and broadcasting in the US
  3. US/Canada TV Database (By Doug, W9WI)
  4. TV Tropo Ducting Forecast Map
  5. Live Radio on the Web
  6. How far is it?
    Calculate distance between 2 locations by entering lat/long for each
  7. ARRLWeb
  8. The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy by N0HFF
    An in-depth manual for learning, using, mastering and enjoying the international morse code as a means of communication. 3rd edition, provided in Adobe Acrobat and MS Word formats
  9. Commercial Airline Flight Locater (Real Time!!)
  10. eHAM.net
  11. First Class CW Operators' Club
  12. Hard Core DX dot Com
  13. Online DX Logbook
    Updated daily, provides up-to-date shortwave and tropical band SWL loggings from reporters around the world. Registered users may contribute their loggings.
  14. Open Amateur Radio Repeater Page
  15. U.S. Federal Communications Commission
  16. Wayback Machine
    Bill Continelli, W2XOY, describes the history of US amateur radio in a series of 16 articles
  17. WorldClock, version 2.0 (61.5Kb)
  18. WWW Shortwave Listening Guide
    Allows the user identify SWBC programs on-the-air at the current hour and day. Search results provide UTC time, Station Name, Days, Program Name, Target Area, Program type, and Frequencies.


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